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Supportive quotes and letters of recommendation for Boyd Edmondson.


“I worked with Boyd Edmondson for over 8 years at Verasonics, and was constantly amazed at the thoroughness and dedication with which he completed tasks. His breadth of knowledge in high level programming languages, development environments, and operating system functionality, on Mac, Windows and linux OSs,  is astounding. His documentation of code, and general attention to detail is unsurpassed. Furthermore, in spite of his enormous task load as our principal software engineer, Boyd always found time to help with solving customer problems and training staff. He is a great team player.” – Peter Kaczkowski, PhD, Senior Scientist, Verasonics, 6-JAN-2014

"Boyd Edmondson provided outstanding hardware abstraction layer (HAL) software that was thoroughly documented and bug free for several generations of ultrasound machines produced by Verasonics. Boyd did this while providing free IT services such as email, corporate database, website as well as case tools management and bug tracking tools. Boyd's software was required to run under Windows, Linux, and Mac OSs requiring expertise in each. Boyd provided test software for the machines as well. Boyd constantly worked long and hard to support others often giving up his days off or working late to ensure success of the product. I personally worked with Boyd for eight years and would hire him in a heartbeat.” – Bob Clifford, Verasonics Contract EE, Verasonics, 2014-01-06

“I started working with Boyd very early out of college and was very happy to find how helpful he was in getting me situated at Verasonics and teaching me about how to be a confident software engineer. Boyd has a very high quality of work and will always finish a project the right way.” – Stuart Pflugrath, Software Engineer, Verasonics, 2014-01-06

"Boyd demonstrates ongoing commitment to cultivating team productivity whether conducting IT responsibilities, configuration and revision management, or product SW development.  He works flexibly with engineers of various disciplines, while contributing essential design elements for the solution.  Boyd is always ready to suggest options for colleagues who ask for help, whether with programming design style or OTS library usage, and will even present prototypes or conduct experiments to illuminate the discussion. He is comfortable considering all levels of requirements, whether at the architectural or unit level.  I look forward to working with Boyd in the future.” – John Flynn, Independent DSP Contractor, Verasonics, 2014-01-05

“Boyd has excellent meta-programming skills, such as choosing appropriate tools, technology, and components for the task at hand.  He is familiar with and adept at dealing with architectural issues and design.  Finally, his code is generally readable, reasonably documented and commented, and crafted to avoid (or reduce) common bugs generated by less experienced programmers.  Those skills, together with his ability to work with others, argue the issues respectfully and compromise as needed, will make him a valued member of any software engineering team lucky and smart enough to hire him.”  - Larry Brasfield, Electronic Design Consultant, Verasonics, 2014-01-04

"Having worked with Boyd on several projects since 1995, I know he will be a valued asset to any organization.  His professional ethics and extraordinary effort applied to projects has made him a valued member of each team/project he was assigned to.  He has a need to do the best job he can and if he is asked to perform a job outside his ‘comfort zone’ he doesn’t hesitate to dive in and discover everything he needs to know to do the job well.  Boyd is also a great guy to work with.  Good sense of humor and personable.” – Bob Lincoln, Senior Hardware Engineer, Verasonics, 2013-11-26

"I have worked with Boyd on different teams at three different companies spanning 17 years. In addition to being an excellent software engineer he has a work ethic that is second to none. Teams function better when Boyd is a part of them, leading to a higher standard of work for everyone involved." - Michael Pierce, Director Marketing, Verasonics, 2013-11-22

"I want to thank you for all the past effort you have helped me over the years. I always have enjoyed your company and conversations along with our friendship during and after Atlas.” – Ba Phan, Verasonics Technicians, 11-22-2013

“Boyd, That's an impressive set of changes. I have to say, (and your manager(s) should know), that this is evidence of a very professional and competent approach to meeting the "software" challenge and business needs. I hope they appreciate this. (And I'm not suggesting otherwise -- just helping to ensure it!)” – Larry Brasfield, Independent Contract Scientist, 09-25-2007

“On the whole, the Gemini Puller System is the most thoroughly documented system I have ever encountered. Boyd Edmondson did a fantastic job. The documentation is found in the Gemini Web pages and inline within the source code.” – C. David Belt, Independent Contractor who performed follow up work after my departure, Philips Medical Systems, 07-07-2005

"Boyd, I wanted to thank you for the intense effort you undertook to understand our software architecture and get your development system up and running in a way that was compatible and integrated with our group. I appreciated that you took excellent notes during your time on the project; it was another way that you contributed to the good communication we enjoyed. I can honestly say that the timeline between hiring you and the point where you were developing and checking in code was quicker than any employee we have brought into our group in the years that I have been with the company. I was particularly impressed with your ability to mesh into our coding styles and offer suggestions in a way that was non-confrontational. The code that you implemented has been stable. We have had no need to fix or modify your package but I'm sure if we found a reason, the copious in-line documentation would probably prevent us from making a phone call our first step in resolving it. Thank you for helping to get our product delivered on time, with quality and with our requested feature set. We would love having you work for us again and I would certainly recommend you to others. If you ever want to use me as a reference, I would be very willing to provide a glowing recommendation.” – Mike Wood, Senior Software Engineer, Life Sciences Group, Applied Precision, LLC, 09-20-04

"Boyd's attention to detail and commitment to the project has made him an invaluable asset to our engineering team. His "Do It Right The First Time" approach to software development has saved our company an enormous amount of time and money. Boyd's broad knowledge base as well as his ability to quickly adapt to emerging technologies, has allowed us to position him in many key areas of the project, with great success. An outstanding engineer!" – Kelly B. Bowman, Sr. Systems/Software Engineer, Philips Medical Systems, 11-03-03

"I just can't say how "very nice" your solution is. Actually it’s awesome, perfect and better than what I had planned. [...] Now, we have your solution. MUCH MUCH BETTER. It works every time. Scott's going to flip! This will take some real stress off of our support load." – MagicBox, Inc., Karl Frederick, Production Manager, 11-18-00

"Tom and I both think highly of your assistance with the Alphagen project. All the way, we have been very satisfied with your work, which is nothing less than complete, thorough and timely." – MagicBox, Inc., Karl Frederick, Production Manager, 09-28-00

"Boyd is very knowledgeable in the area of operating systems. He is an Amiga OS expert and is now transitioning to Windows 2000. He is known as someone to go to in the area of operating systems even though he is somewhat new to Windows 2000.” – ATL (Full-Time), Performance Appraisal, Lauren Pflugrath, Director, 03-16-00

“Boyd manages his time well. He is pulled different ways but still manages to get his own tasks done on time.” – ATL (Full-Time), Performance Appraisal, Bill To, Evaluating Manager, 03-15-99

“Boyd, you have been and are a key contributor to the mid-range development team. You have demonstrated many innovative approaches to problem solving in addition to your direct contributions. I encourage you to take on as many leadership assignments as you can. By doing this you will expand your contributions to many. Good luck on all your future assignments. It has been a pleasure working with you.” – ATL (Full-Time), Karl Graf, Program Director, 03-03-99

“Boyd communicates his analyses through detailed documentation. He works well with others due in part by his effective listening and cooperative skills.” – ATL (Full-Time), Performance Appraisal, Jim Kniest, Software Manager, 01-28-98

“Boyd’s responsibilities are so diverse. In a sense, he’s a System’s Engineer for the HDI-1000.” – ATL (Full-Time), Performance Appraisal, Jim Kniest, Software Manager, 01-28-98

“Timely and effective development of critically useful tool for the DSP SW integration effort. The tool Boyd developed allowed much greater productivity for DSP engineers in their optimization of Color Doppler Imaging mode SW. Boyd has many critical responsibilities during the total HDI-1000 SW integration effort. He could have easily and reasonably denied acceptance of the additional responsibility for the development of the DSP SW tool used for Color optimization. Nonetheless, he accepted the task and finished it while maintaining a heavy load of other work. Boyd should be rewarded for his results and positive attitude. His continued support on tasks like these will greatly help the Color Doppler DSP SW effort in the future.” – ATL (Full-Time), Engineering Excellence Award, John Flynn, DSP Consultant for ATL, 11-21-97

“Boyd has excellent knowledge of the internal working of the operating system. He is the “GO TO” person whenever we have a problem (any problems) with the project. He also provides great insight in solving technical problems.” – ATL (Full-Time), Performance Appraisal, Jim Kniest, Software Manager, 06-07-97

“Very organized. Committed to good engineering practices. Very good at diagnosing the cause of problems and looking for creative solutions. Takes the initiative to find solutions to technical problems (before he’s asked). Familiar with multi-tasking design concepts. Very knowledgeable about Amiga environment. Accomplished C programmer.” – ATL (Full-Time), Performance Appraisal, Ann Collins, Software Developer Manager, 04-01-96

“Boyd has provided support in numerous project areas and has demonstrated that he can contribute to virtually any area of the project” – ATL (Full-Time), Performance Appraisal, Ron Daigle, Technical Director, 05-13-94

Letters of Recommendation

November 30, 2003

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Boyd Edmondson

To Whom It May Concern:

For the past year and a half I’ve worked closely with Boyd at Philips both as a peer and under his mentorship. My knowledge of Windows operating system and SQL server administration, applications and drivers installation, hardware configuration, and scripting has grown immensely due to his wisdom, patience, and mentoring skill. Because of his hardware and software development expertise, outstanding problem-solving capabilities, and solution-oriented approach, his contribution to our team was incalculable. In addition, he is a person of exemplary character. In my 22 years of working in a corporate environment, I’ve encountered few people with the integrity, loyalty, professionalism, and work ethic I’ve admired so much in Boyd. Without a doubt, working with him has been one of the highlights of my career and he will be truly missed. I believe Boyd is capable of successfully completing any task in a timely manner that he sets his mind to and I highly recommend him for any engineering position he feels inclined to pursue.


Nancy Smith
Software Engineer
Philips Ultrasound

October 31, 2003

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Boyd Edmondson

To Whom It May Concern:

Boyd worked as a Senior Software Engineer in the Software Tools & Configuration group for Philips Ultrasound from August, 2002 through November, 2003. His responsibilities included developing a standardized software environment that assisted in the deployment and maintenance of 300 product computers. Boyd created hard disk drive images that include the operating system, applications, device drivers, in a pre-installed, configured, and optimized state. Boyd also developed and implemented an automated client-server tool that remotely applies patches to the system and can be used to query the configuration of any registered machine.

Mr. Edmondson is hard-working self-starter who develops exceptional software engineering solutions to difficult problems in a resourceful, creative, and timely manner. He works completely independently and owns all tasks through to resolution.

Mr. Edmondson has excellent written and verbal communication skills. He interacts well with staff under his technical guidance, as well as collaborates efficiently with peers at his own level and management. Boyd is highly respected as a person and a professional by peers and management.

When Mr. Edmondson announced his interest in pursuing other technical opportunities outside of Philips Ultrasound, I was saddened to see him leave, although I wished him the greatest success in his new venture. His presence, both as a person and as an exemplary employee, will be missed here.

Overall, Boyd is a very conscientious and exceptional employee. In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with him, I can unequivocally recommend Boyd Edmondson for any senior level software engineering development.


Tobin Taylor-Bhatia 
Software Development Manager
Software Tools & Configuration Management
Philips Ultrasound

October 27, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Boyd Edmondson has been an outstanding contributor to the Windows XP Embedded Software Deployment mechanism that we intend to use on our next generation of Medical Ultrasound products. Drawing on Boyd’s Windows experience, uncompromising work ethic and no-nonsense decision making skills we were able to successfully develop a method of installing system software that has proven to be fast, light-weight and very user friendly.

Boyd has been such an asset to Philips Medical Systems that we have repeatedly extended his contract. I think Boyd would make a great addition to any team and I wish him all the best in the years ahead.


Jonathan K. Slobodzian
Team Lead
Philips Medical Systems

January 9, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

Boyd Edmondson has been a contract programmer for MagicBox for over two years.  During that time Boyd has proved himself to be a valuable asset to our development team.  The project that Boyd has been working on is especially challenging due to the fact that there is little or no support on the underlying operating system itself.

Boyd has been very easy to work with and is able to quickly grasp to more subtle issues that arise in this unique operating environment.  I have found the documentation of his code to be complete and very concise which helps us to maintain a code base that is well organized and easy to understand.

Boyd has proven to be highly ethical in both his work habits and the docummtation and billing of his time.  He has also been very responsive and flexible with the ability to change direction in the middle of a project.  Boyd obiously takeas a great deal of pride in his work and shows a very high regard for our goals and needs here at MagicBox.

I highly recommend Boyd as a contract programmer or employee with no reservations.


Tom Searcy

January 3, 2001

Letter of Recommendation for Boyd Edmondson

I’ve known Boyd Edmondson since 1993, when he was hired as a Software Engineer for the Atlantis Diagnostics International subsidiary of ATL Ultrasound. I was the Technical Director for this group, and responsible for the engineering development of a new ultrasound imaging system that was PC based, performing most of its functions in software. It quickly became apparent that Boyd was an exceptional software engineer, not only in his ability to rapidly analyze, structure and code his programming tasks, but also in the quality of his result. Consequently, Boyd was given many of the more challenging software application modules for our project, including responsibility for several key library modules.

The programming environment for the ultrasound imaging project was C, using a proprietary object-oriented software framework executing in a realtime, multi-tasking operating system. Boyd became the most knowledgeable engineer with respect to the development environment, the operating system and the hardware platform, programming several tools which helped analyze program execution and run time events. He provided excellent leadership in these areas, helping other software and hardware engineers with system related problems and debugging tasks.

Out of the 15 or so software engineers we had on the project, Boyd ranked at or near the top with respect to overall performance, productivity and software reliability. He carried the project to a great extent, as we relied on him to manage many diverse areas of responsibility at once. He also showed exceptional dedication to his work, putting in long hours to meet project deadlines. I have no hesitations in recommending Boyd for any type of software development project or programming task. If I were assembling a software team for a new development, Boyd would be the first person I would call.

Ron Daigle, Ph.D.
Former Technical Director
Atlantis Diagnostic International, a subsidiary of ATL Ultrasound.

April 20, 2000

Letter of Recommendation for Boyd Edmondson

I have known and worked closely with Boyd for over 7 years as a software engineer. He is very professional, communicates well and writes excellent code. He understands the software development cycle and clearly documents his designs and source code. I would recommend Boyd for any software engineering position that he was interested in, and would enjoy working with him again in the future.

Boyd was responsible for the design and implementation of the Signal Processing module for the ATL HDI 1000 project. He worked closely with his peers to develop the design, implement the code and thoroughly test the unit into integration. Boyd worked professionally throughout the entire process, even working many hours overtime to accomplish his goals. I would consider Boyd an excellent team member. He has many skills sets at his disposal, but when a job required information or a skill that he did not own, he was diligent to find and quickly learn what was required.

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Mike Wood
Software Development Lead Engineer
PointShare Corp.


From the President of Integrated Solutions Multimedia:

In regards to our Professional Experiences with Nebula Software LLC, and Senior Programmer Boyd Edmondson: I would like to relay the following personal impressions.

In terms of Nebula Software’s Services, I was very impressed by the overall quality, precision to detail, and quick implementation of all customized solutions that fulfilled our specific business needs. I personally appreciate the way that “Things were done right the first time”.

Nebula Software’s Network Infrastructure and Server are built from only “state of the art technology and components”. Their Fiber Optic Internet Connection provides outstanding bandwidth. We experienced faster response times and downloads from the Nebula Software server than with any other hosting services leased by us in the past.

In reference to my experiences dealing with Sr. Programmer Boyd Edmondson: I found him very knowledgeable in many different areas of IT. I often felt I was dealing with a “systems analyst”. Boyd usually he knew how to answer any question I had, on any aspect of our project. If not, he would quickly research the topic and call back with the answer.

Our business was always was able to reach him for support. In most cases we reached him immediately, if not our calls or emails were responded to within minutes, rather than hours.  When we talked to Boyd over the phone, he always listened silently and attentively to every thing we had to say, before responding. When he did respond he asked any additional, necessary, information gathering questions. This enabled him to fully understand the exact nature of our problem at hand in only one phone conversation. Before finishing, he would repeat exactly what he understood us to say, for verification. This resulted in a foolproof method to prevent any misunderstanding on his part or ours.

When providing solutions to our problem, he was excellent in providing verbal or written answers. In either case he was able to clearly deliver a detailed solution to solve our unique problem that we could thoroughly understand.
On the phone, Boyd spoke articulately, clearly, and in a manner that we could clearly understand, he made sure that we had the correct interpretation of his instructions before ever ending a call.

In written answers, he was also very articulate, and used clear and specific terms for highly technical procedures in a language that we could easily understand and follow. In addition, any included written instructions for a solution to a problem were extremely well documented. Even the most Intricate Details were delivered in “easy to follow”, step by step instructions, or “print screens of the steps to take “in visual form to help ensure and facilitate our understanding of exactly what to we needed to do to resolve a problem.

I would recommend without reservation, that anyone seriously consider Nebula Software LLC, for any of their business solutions, or professional services that their unique situation may require. If Boyd can think of a more economical solution, he will even recommend using a third party instead of Nebula Software’s services. I would not hesitate in entrusting Nebula Software with my most sensitive and confidential information as they have shown that they are honest and ethical in all aspects of my dealings with them. Feel free to contact me for any further personal impressions or comments regarding my company’s experiences with Nebula Software.